MÖLLER 20-1000

New paradigm in neurosurgery

The superior microsurgical operating system MÖLLER 20-1000 with permanent balance. The floor stand and the microscope with its SensoServo drive remain balanced also after change of accessories.

  • SensoServo drive via SensoGrip
  • Power zoom 1:6
  • Diaphragms against glare
  • Switchable enhancer of the depth of field
  • Bidirectional RS 232 interface for navigation
  • Computer control of all motorized functions
  • True overhead capability
  • Slim floor stand design, hidden cables, stainless steel arms, easy to clean
  • Options for diagnosis with ICG and ALA

 Various accessories More...

Xenon light source

The base of the floor stand houses a powerful 300 W xenon light source as well as a second identical but independed lamp module for backup.

  • Quick exchange
  • Filtered light against UV and IR radiation to protect the surgeon's eyes and the patient's tissue
  • Control of light intensity via hand grip or foot switch


For the operating system MÖLLER 20-1000 Möller-Wedel offers the equipment for fluorescence with ALA (more...) and ICG (more...). Two light sources (one each for ALA and ICG) are integrated in the floor stand.