The new way of imaging

The all new MÖLLER MIOS 4 (Microscope Imaging and Operation System) allows to handle patient names, record videos & pictures as well as administer archived data.

  • Excellent handling
  • Virus save and fully reliable system
  • Redundant write protected system
  • 1 TB hard drive storage capacity, exchangable
  • Intriguing design
  • High quality, movable touch screen
  • Modular software (more...)
  • Fully medical graded

Excellent handling

The MÖLLER MIOS 4 user interace was developed in close relationship with surgeons and users. Therefore, the three different colored menus will guide you easily through surgery.


Enter patient data or select one from the work list at the beginning of each surgery.

  • Load work list from DICOM Server
  • Intelligent patient search
  • Patient's data preview


In the second step the recording of videos and snapshots can be performed. The live picture is displayed as an overview or to full screen.

  • Open previously made pictures and videos during recording
  • Record directly to different media (Hard drive, USB or in combination with the DICOM module to the network)
  • Open DICOM objects from server during recording


At the end of the surgery all stored patient recordings can be viewed, copied and deleted.

  • Receive a full overview on quantity and volume of all patient recordings
  • Playback videos and review pictures
  • Archive recordings on DICOM network or external drives